Hi! I am María Pía Cornejo, fashion designer and founder of Liverta, the first international clothing brand from Chile to the world. Since I was a child, I dreamed of creating an international brand that would reach all the fashion capitals, and with great effort, we have been achieving this. In recent years, we have stood out on the most important runways in the world, such as New York Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion week, and Milan Fashion week. Last year, we launched our new brand Liverta during Milan Fashion Week with great success.

Our commitment goes beyond fashion. With an upcycling line, we transform discarded fabrics and garments into new clothing and collaborate with local and national artists to promote and export national art. In Chile, 63% of people buy up to 10 garments a year, and 13% throw them away if they are damaged. In 2022, 59,000 tons of used clothing entered the country, of which 39,000 became textile waste. At Liverta, we want to change this reality.

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries. Therefore, our products respect the environment, offering our customers the opportunity to look and feel good while reducing their carbon footprint.

We market throughout Chile and export to the northern hemisphere through our e-commerce and network of suppliers. On our website, we have created a community committed to social responsibility and the preservation of the planet.

Join Liverta and be part of the change towards more conscious and sustainable fashion! Thank you!



"My big dream is that one day all humans can reach the highest states of consciousness"